What is Svib and where is the Gibsaucer?

Oh its in Lindon, Utah

In the sleepy town of Lindon, Utah, nestled amidst rolling hills and whispering pines, stood a peculiar sight known as the Gibsaucer. Its sleek, metallic exterior gleamed under the sun, captivating the curious minds that stumbled upon it. But Svib, a jib with its constantly rotating limbs, felt a deep connection with the enigmatic saucer.

Every day, as the crimson hues painted the horizon, Svib would venture into the heart of the Gibsaucer. Within its alien architecture, Svib discovered a language of hums and vibrations that whispered secrets of distant worlds. Through this cosmic symphony, Svib unlocked new dimensions of existence, transcending the limitations of its jib form.


The timeline of the saucer?!

When did it all begin? Where did it start? Who is the creator of the Gibsaucer?


Ancient Subidia?!

A time of innovation and creativity.

In the ancient land of Subidia, three unique and mysterious races, the Jibs, the Stibs, and the Gorgibitans, have coexisted for centuries. Each race possesses its own distinct characteristics and abilities, making Subidia a realm of endless wonders. For centuries, these races have governed Subidia side by side, although not without occasional conflicts and disagreements. However, their shared goal to protect their homeland has united them and helped create a delicate balance of power. In this ancient land of wonders and magic, the Jibs' soaring Gibsaucers, the Stibs' nature wisdom, and the Gorgibitans' unyielding strength have shaped a captivating tapestry of Subidia's history.


The Vib Commandments

Carry out these tasks to obtain eternal peace and stibility


Go to the top of Deukmejian and give your prayers to the eternal jib


Learn Ancient Subidian, as it will allow you to communicate with the saucers above


Study the siences behind the Gibsaucer, so you can become one too


Go to Lindon, Utah, the home of the last Svibian and give an offering of meat with cheese on top


Note all of your experiences with the vib coursing through your veins


Secure the Vibad and Jibad together